OFICINE 800 | The perfect venue for Art and design exhibitions, Conferences and Cocktails
the Venue is perfect for Art and design exhibitions, Conferences, Cocktails, and events for 200 hundred people or more.
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Music and Concerts

Starfish Apartments

Next to the Tese there are a series of apartments that can be rented together with the events. Learn More…

History of the building


In this area the hides were worked. It is hypothesized that the name of the island originates in ``Zudeca``, a place for leather tanning; zudecar: art of tanning leather.


from 1200 to 1700 it has always been an area of work and storage, from the documents, it is confirmed the presence in the area of salt warehouses. Architectural similarities occur with the structures of the warehouses.


The Building Company had wood and coal storage facilities located in these buildings. The Distilleria Veneziana, producer of Birra Venezia, is located nearby, which is merged with Pedavena beer in 1928, and later with Dreher and Heineken.


The Bullo family buys the buildings: the roofs have partially collapsed and they carry out a first restoration. They install here the activity of renting and installation of stages, and equipment for organizing events, catering and refreshments.


The restoration for the transformation of the activity begins, it has been completed in 2018. The place is now perfect as venue for events, conventions, congresses, weddings and parties.

Would you like to contact the owner in order to carry out your event here?